Vice Admiral Yuri Marigov

Marigov is a proud member of the Keeper Admiralty’s ‘old guard’, second in seniority only to Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain. The 71 year old Vice Admiral was born during The Death of Tradition, but remains an imposing physical presence due to his great height and a continued regimen of military excercise.

The Vice Admiral is a veteran of The Fight for Freedom, where he earned his rank and reputation. Marigov is a brilliant tactician and resourceful combatant, but is considered somewhat overbearing and even brutal. He showed little mercy in his campaign against Freedom seperatists, destroying damaged enemy vessels as they fled and and laying entire city blocks to waste to root out insurgents. He is called a monster by the citizens of Freedom to this day. Unfortunate, since his current post is presiding over the 4th and 5th Armadas in orbit around the city.

The rest of the Admiralty considers Marigov a respectable and grimly effective warrior. While accused of war crimes for his unauthorized launch of Operation Brimstone, the charges were dropped after Marigov’s actions were deemed in service of the ‘greater necessity’. This was little consolation to those who lost their families in the attacks.

Fear grew when the conservative Administration at the time leaked a plan to promote Marigov to Fleet Admiral (Cain himself had been promoted to Admiral of the Navy for the duration of the conflict), forcing Cain’s retirement rather than allowing him to return to his lower post. Surprisingly, it was Marigov himself who put this fear to death. In an interview he is recorded as saying “Cain’s a good man; a man I trust a hell of a lot more than myself. I don’t know what I’d do with that much power, and I don’t intend to find out.” While the President was enraged, citizens and soldiers across Anarc breathed a sigh of relief.

Currently Marigov keeps a watchful eye on Freedom, alongside the infinitely more lenient and compassionate Commodore Xiang Cho. Recent attacks have forced him to employ a full-scale blockade of the city, and many believe a second Fight for Freedom is soon to come. While liberal elements insist Marigov wants nothing more, President Michael Logan and the rest of the Admiralty insists he has the Administrations best interests at heart.

Vice Admiral Yuri Marigov

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