The Worker Movement

The Worker Movement is one of several ‘Paths’ followed by the people of Anarc, not quite a religion but far from a simple government. The movement is centered around an almost Marxist concept of shared labor and communal glory. The Workers believe in the inherent superiority of machine over man, and look to transcend organic life by becoming unified with the machinery that drives their society.

Understandably, their culture places a great deal of importance on interface with machines and the creation of all manner of Constructs, which the Workers revere. They are believed to be the top creators of illegal Angels, Demons, and even Gods. They manufcacture their own unique Aerospacecraft, Synths, and Transynths, and are thus assumed to have extensive military production facilities, though they are not known to have produced any combat vehicles larger than a Dropship.

The Workers, like the other Paths, have Temples throughout Freedom and Hope used to attract new recruits, keep tabs on important events, and spread their influence into the centers of Keeper society. Their largest bastion, however, is the city of Industry, a bleak grey stretch of factories and housing that is estimated to contain more than five million Workers. It sits on one corner of The Valley and has quick access to a number of mineral mines and nearby trading stations.

The Worker Movement has been enemies with The Lover Movement since their creation, and it was this rivalry which culminated in the The Death of Tradition, sending both groups to opposite sides of the valley to form their respective capitols. While the Workers are officially illegal noncitizens of The Keeper Administration and responsible for a number of minor terrorist attacks, the Keepers have yet to launch any large-scale offensive against them. They use the Worker’s loathing of the Lovers (who are also responsible for their fair share of criminal activity) to their advantage, weakening both groups and playing them off each other every time the opportunity presents itself. While some denounce this as a devious and underhanded tactic, past Keeper councillors and even Presidents have declared it “a superior alternative to Fusion bombing”.

While for the most part the Workers are technologically on par with the Keepers, it is widely believed that they harbor a few key advances, and will keep them hidden at any cost.

The Worker Movement

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