The Thinker Initiative

The Thinker Initiative is by far the most enigmatic of the Paths on Anarc. Established at an unknown point in time, the Thinkers seek to slowly assemble Anarc’s intellectual elite into a single organization. While they have Temples in Hope, Freedom, and a past effort in Tradition, the location of Ambition, their home city, is unknown. Many theorize it lays beyond The Hills, but its name is the only confirmed evidence of its existence.

The Thinkers do not accept applications or make their organization available to the public, instead simply ‘taking’ those they deem fit under their wing. Some believe this is a forced abduction, as no one has ever denied the opportunity to join the organization (at least, no one who has lived to tell about it). Their temples are completely sealed to the outside world, opening only to allow the exit and entrance of the occasional Aerospacecraft.

What little has been seen of Thinker technology is incredibly advanced, and most estimate they are at least half a century ahead of Keeper military standards. Their technology is only ever found in a systematically stipped down and ‘crippled’ form, preventing any organization from gaining on their massive scientific lead. Even this largely broken Thinker equipment is still cutting edge in comparison to average Keeper technology.

All attempts by the Keepers to establish diplomatic contact with the Thinker Initiative have failed. However, the Thinkers frequently contact the Administration with proposals and minor requests, even on secure military channels. The Administration grudgingly accepts their existence, knowing so little about their motivations and capabilities that no real plan to establish lasting peace or launch an offensive can be formulated.

The Thinkers have been known to engage Worker, Lover, and insurgent forces. They are the only group to have ever attacked Dreamer assets, with no explanation for their reasoning. Direct confrontation between Thinker and Keeper combatants is incredibly rare.

Recently, tensions have skyrocketed after the beginning of Operation Windfall. During The Hillcrest Den Siege, a Keeper Stingray class Escort Carrier was destroyed by Thinker forces using an unknown weapon system. While no further contact between the two factions have been made, military analysts predict a rapid repurposing of Keeper warships to counter the new threat, as well as a change in the directives of the Operation itself.

The Thinker Initiative

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