The Keeper Administration

The self-declared governing body of Anarc, the Keepers technically own almost every inch of the Realm and have sovereignity over every citizen. The Dreamers and their city of Patience are the only legal exceptions to this rule. While over ten million inhabitants of the realm are technically illegal refugees, they typically belong to one of the other Paths with which the Administration holds an unsteady peace.

The center of Keeper power is the city of Hope, with their influence dropping quickly the further one goes from the capitol. Freedom is the only other city under their full jurisdiction, and even their anti-administration sentiment is high. Seven Keeper Armadas patrol Anarc, keeping the peace in various regions on a ceaseless counterterrorist mission. Most external stations and colonies grudgingly accept Keeper rule and pay their dues, though many fall under the shadow of the other Paths or seek independence.

The Administration is, at heart, a democratic socialism. Basic medicare, masters-level education, and many other amenities (right down to internet access) all come courtesy of the government courtesy of a significant income tax and extensive social service programs. The government is headed by a President who serves as the absolute commander of the military as well as an executive head of state. Legislation is split between a 20 member Council (responsible for Administration-wide affairs) and an 81 member Board (50 from Hope, 30 from Freedom, and 1 representing ‘Colonial Affairs’, in charge of policies relating to the individual cities). The tasks normally appointed to a judicial branch are decided by common vote.

The Administration is founded on the concepts of Honor, Justice, and Liberty, strongly encouraging displays of patriotism and national pride. The economy is a heavily regulated capitalism, and while true corruption is scarce a number of megacorporations hold significant (but legitimate) say in public affairs. The official currency is the Keeper Credit, and is in fact the only standardized currency anywhere in the Realm.

The Keeper military has a single branch and handles the duties of army, navy, and police force, as well as all potential exploration outside the Realm. Keeper forces are assumed to exceed the military power of all other Paths and other factions combined. They are the only force known to produce combat Starships, though modified, scavenged, and mutinous samples can occasionally be found in terrorist hands. The Keeper military is known to employ a wide variety of mercenaries and civilian contractors, Operation Willful Order being the most dramatic example.

Keeper technology is the standard by which all other innovations in Anarc are measured.

The Keeper Administration

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