The Deep

The Deep is quite simply the name for all space outside of Anarc. Although the Deep is harmless in and of itself, the tides of The Maelstrom mean that any vehicle to venture outside the safety of Anarc’s oblong magnetosphere would be instantly blind and deaf-unable to use and electronic scanners or communication systems. Needless to say, this would condemn any crew to starvation as they traversed the infinity of space searching blindly for a path home.

Many unmanned probes with pre-programmed courses have been launched into the Deep, but no real information has been gained from their journey. A multiple decade long trip would be needed in order to get far enough from the Maelstrom to gather any sort of data and then return it to Anarc. Such missions have been launched, but the most recent is not scheduled to return until 1200 A.E. A previous mission was scheduled to make its way back in 1100, but either the probe encountered malfunctions or was lost in the chaos surrounding The Death of Tradition.

Many Aerospacecraft and Starships feature true windows for the sole purpose of navigating back to Anarc should they through accident or necessity travel into the Deep. While electronic scanners return nothing but static, the human eye can see through it as clearly as any other space, allowing for an effective but crude return course to be plotted.

The people of Anarc can clearly see the stars of the deep staring back at them through a void they cannot traverse. Many sociologists theorize this is a cause of great civilization-wide depression for Anarc’s people; seeing a universe they can never reach.

The Deep

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