The character of vehicular travel in Anarc. A completely new approach to movement, Synths were designed from the ground up for quick and efficient navigation in a variable-gravity semiterrestrial environment. Nothing but Anarc could justify their creation.

They use a number of actuated limbs to carry themselves across difficult terrain and maneuver in between asteroids and other moving aerial debris. Nearly all are outfitted with an Aura whose prime task it is to keep the vehicle oriented and place all limbs during travel, allowing for rapid navigation through caves and an agility that could not be approached by a human pilot having to individually target each step. Limbs typically feature small solid fuel jets to provide additional thrust and directional maneuverability. Limbs are also the optimal mounting point for tools and weapons, devices whose simultaneous operation is facilitated by an onboard construct. Synths are usually transported in larger space-borne dropships, as they do not have the resources for long-distance flight. Their power systems, however, can allow for limbed locomotion for an almost infinite period. Shield and scanner arrays, cloaking systems, and other more exotic devices can also be fitted to a Synth’s reactor. They are typically powered by a small hot fusion reaction, with a backup array of cold fusion cells in case the operator requests an excessive amount of power. If a Synth’s reactor is overloaded by physical damage, it will typically self-extinguish or simply burst into ‘Synthflame’, a brilliant white fire that will consume the vehicle with or without the aid of oxygen. This usually gives the pilot fair time to eject.

Newer Synths shelter their pilot in an Essence Module. The oldest Synths can’t accommodate Essence pods (or even be modified to fit them), and are thus preferred by lower-budget or larger forces and civilian operations (saving money that could be spent on additional armaments and the like). Synths are used everywhere-from private industry to mercenary work to the military. They are the wave of the future, and one of the most advanced vehicles available in the realm.

Even so, a Synth’s only advantage over conventional Runners and Aerospacecraft is its versatility. They can mount neither the armor and weaponry of a comparable size Runner nor the thrust and payload of a similar aircraft. They can, however, take advantage of a wide number of environments and effectively utilize a huge array of equipment and unique tactics.

When versatility is more important than absolutely everything else, the people of Anarc turn to the newest and most sophisticated vehicles in the Realm, Transynths.

The first Synth ever designed was the Gorilla, a highly flawed model which is no longer produced or employed.

Keeper Synths are typically bipedal with hard points for mounting equipment and weaponry on the shoulders and arms. Nearly all are equipped with a Gravitic Manipulator for the recovery of salvage and other critical resources. All Keeper models are named after herbivorous mammals, and include the Rabbit, Hare, Goat, Ram, Zebra, Horse, Stallion, Rhino, and Elephant.

A number of black market, pirate, and rebel designs exist as well, all named after carnivorous mammals. They typically emulate a particular Keeper model, and most share the same basic configuration. These include the Fox, Jackal, Wolf, Wolverine, Bear, and Lion.

The Workers are known to have their own line of unique Synth models. These are universally quadrupedal, relying entirely on their shoulder hardpoints for weaponry. The Workers are known to occasionally sell damaged models to mercenary and other private interests, and this is the most common capacity in which they are encountered by Keeper forces. So far only the Boar and Warthog have been identified.

The Lovers are not known to utilize any unique Synths of their own.

The Dreamers, in the usual spirits of cooperation, have released the full specifications of their entire Synth arsenal as well as authorized their sale to private citizens. This includes the Elk, Stag, and Buffalo models.

While it is known the Thinkers possess their own models of Synths, they are encountered extremely rarely, and even then only after having been refurbished and resold to lucky third parties. A single type has been seen, named after the equally elusive Lynx. It shares the bipedal configuration of Keeper Synths, but seems wholly superior in almost every field, and capable of supporting an incredibly array of technology. More information will become available as it’s discovered.


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