The Stallion is the official standard combat Synth of The Keeper Administration. At more than 80 tons, the Stallion is one of the larger Synths in production. It’s sleek, Essence Module-compatible design allows for agility and speed uncharacteristic of other Synths of the same size. It’s redesigned reactive armor is effective against most missiles utilized by terrorist forces, and many variants feature layers of reflective plating for taking on foes known to utilize energy weapons. The Stallion comes standard with a KPG7 cold fusion reactor but has ample space for auxiliary power systems and other specialized equipment.

The Stallion can carry a fairly large weapons loadout for its size, especially if excess mass isn’t occupied by backup power and specialty systems. It also features a strong pair of back-mounted acceleration jets in addition to limb-monted maneuvering thrusters, making it even faster and more dextrous than its size indicates.

While the Stallion has held its place in the Keeper military since early 1170, there are still only enough of these expensive and advanced vehicles to outfit about 1/3rd of the Keeper forces who would utilize them in a time of complete mobiliziation. For this reason the Horse class is still a common sight in Keeper Forces.

The Stallion was designed in 1167. It carries a new market price (depending on equipment) of about 7 million credits.

Due to the attributes of the Stallion both Rayne and Clint chose this synth as their primary battle synth. Rayne’s is outfitted with a Keeper stealth system, a heavy solid shot rifle, and a Crossbow class gauss weapon. Clint chooses a higher speed system of dual rocket pods and dual Axe directed pulse weapons.


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