Paths are the closest thing Anarc has to religion, and are the main factions at work outside of The Keeper Administration. faiths and factions of Anarc. Each has its own philosophy, unique technology, city, and objectives. The main four are The Dreamer Ascendancy, The Worker Movement, The Lover Movement, and The Thinker Initiative.

Even with these attractive ideologies, the majorit of the population follows the standard doctrine of the Keepers, and a sense of spirituality is rare among Anarc’s citizens.

The Administration is also threatened by different factions of terrorists and other isurgents. While there are hundreds of such groups, they are typically characterized as one of four major categories.

Criminals: Pirates, slavers, thieves, murderers, and anyone who has successfully excaped the Keeper justice system falls into this category. While most are simply lone convicts trying to survive, much larger gatherings of such nefarious individuals exist. Gangs that control entire space stations, whole fleets of pirate craft, and remote slaver colonies all marr the Realm with their presence.

Seperatists: Inspired by events like The Fight for Freedom as well as the success of the major paths, a number of colonies, stations, and even individual ships seek to create their own states independent of Keeper rule. While the mere presence of authority is enough to suppress the majority of these groups, others have fought the Keepers for years and continue to sabotage every attempt the Administration makes to assert its authority.

Fanatics: The exact opposite of seperatists, Fanatics believe the Keepers have been needlessly tame and merciful in dealing with terrorists, and that the Administration has a rightful claim to the entirety of Anarc. Retired soldiers and disillusioned patriots fill their ranks, trying to start conflicts with the major Paths and encourage larger and larger attacks on insurgents. It is believed that such a group was responsible for the attack on the 1163rd Keeper Military Assembly.

Regressors: Perhaps the strangest and most horrifying of Anarc’s terrorists are the Regressors, men and women who believe mankind does not deserve to live on, and exists only to preserve and learn from its past. Thousands are suspected to live in the ruins of Tradition, only venturing out to secure important artifacts and attack the occassional mining flotilla or archaeological crew that treads on sacred ground.

It should be noted that these insurgents not only show outright eagerness to ally with compatriots of the same nature, but to form bonds between otherwise competing groups to take down greater threats. In a way, the enemies of the Keeper Administration are almost a government in and of themselves, albeit not an especially stable one.


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