Lebedev Water Company

Lebedev Water Company is named after its founder, Jonas Lebedev. Once an executive for Isocron Hydration Solutions, Lebedev noticed that his company was charging the citizens of Freedom 60% more for water than the citizens of Hope, simply because they wanted to match profit between the two cities despite the twenty million person population difference. This fact further enraged Lebedev because the poorer populace of Freedom was significantly less capable of paying the increased price.

For more than a year, Lebedev had Isocron divert funds and equipment to a ‘Special Access Project’ supposedly designed to serve loyalist colonies and stations outside of the two major Keeper cities. Lebedev completed that project, but funneled a large amount of the money, along with his own personal savings, into starting a new utility organization dedicated to providing the citizens of Freedom with water at an equal or cheaper price than those of Hope.

To avoid charges and the shutdown of his new company, Lebedev gave control to a trustworthy board of directors and effectively disappeared from the Realm. While he is considered a hero to the lower class (in fact, it was by common vote of the mployees that the company was named after him), investors and corporate leaders consider him a renegade and a criminal. Some believe Isocron actually went so far as to pay for his assassination, but others believe he is living on an orbital station somewhere, drinking the water given to him by the ‘special project’ he set up years before.

Today Lebedev Water Company possesses a small fleet of Seahorse class Ice Miners, most of which were scheduled for decomission and recycline when Lebedev re-directed them to the project that would become the company. While they have difficulty keeping up with their demand, Lebedev has consistently maintained its promise to the people of Freedom. Though the workers aren’t payed nearly what they would be by Isocron and often stay out in The Sea for months at a time to meet their production quotas, new employees still happily sign on, willing to do their part to keep water flowing to their beloved city.

Lebedev Water Company

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