Iota 4

Contractor Security Squadron Iota 4 is an undersized Squadron (typically containing 12 small vehicle pilots and a dropship pilot, but in this case only consisting of 7 total personnel) assembled under Operation Willful Order. This is the unit to which the player characters belong, and is a detachment of Security Wing Iota, headed by Liutenant Commander Desai. The wing consists of Iota 4 alongside the support ship Iota 3, the aerospace squadron Iota 2, and finally the armor squadron Iota 1. The Wing is officially based on Desai’s Stingray class Escort Carrier, but sorties are typically launched from the Spire, using the ship itself only in the case of large-scale operations.

Currently, Iota 4 consists of Gerrard Venroc, Adrian Reicher, Rayne Will-Step, Veronica Will-Step, Clint Rooney, and Lenne.

Robert Burns was a member of the group at its inception, but seems to have gone on an unannounced leave after his first combat experience.

While once a ‘runt’ squadron, Iota 4 is now renowned for their protection of the President during the recent attacks and has had combat experience in critical Keeper counterterrorist missions, making them the most renowned and recognizable units in the entire program.

Iota 4

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