Freedom is the second largest city in the Realm, and the oldest surviving settlement in Anarc. It is situated between Hope and The Valley, on a tight-knit collection of mineral asteroids. It still bears the scars of The Fight for Freedom, with craters that have gone unrepaired and ruined buildings standing as a grim reminder of the ill-fated rebellion.

The architecture itself is sprinkled with variety, featuring everything from the artistic style of Tradition to the sleek modernism of Hope and the unique styles of a variety of Path Temples. For the most part however, Freedom is dominated by blocky utilitarian low-income housing and business structures. It’s economy is in much worse shape than Hopes, and entire blocks remain for rent. Still, it is one of the only places you can find traditional family-run enterprises that have yet to be conglomerated by competing megacorporations, lending the city a homely and familiar air.

Freedom also serves as a massive starport, with miners and traders from the Valley meeting buyers and producers from Hope every day, bringing with them colossal Starships loaded with all manner of merchandise and material. This makes restaurants and hotels some of the most profitable establishments around, with proximity to one of the many docking bays a sure indicator of commercial success.

Terrorism is on the rise once again in Freedom, and the city has been blockaded by Vice Admiral Yuri Marigov and his battlefleet. This trade freeze has further crippled Freedom’s economy, leading in turn to an increase in terrorism. That said, insurgents have progressively less material too work with, so while their numbers are increasing the overall effectiveness of their attacks is on the decline.

Many think a declaration of martial law, and thus a second Fight for Freedom, are imminent. The President insists this is not the case.


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