Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain

Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain is the oldest member of the Admiralty, and whom many believe to be the oldest man alive. At more than 170 years of age, Cain is a testament to the durability of man and the march of medical progress. He remains of sound mind and body, though his age is beginning to show through in slow, calculated movements. He has always been a man of few words, and his honesty often approached rude bluntness. As the highest ranking member of the Admiralty and a close friend of the President, the Fleet Admiral enjoys a great deal of political influence and personal power. Though some members of the council challenge his authority as bordering on unconstitutional (the President speaks with him more often than his official advisor), Cain has served with honor through multiple administrations for as long as any living politician can remember. He is universally respected by the military, public, and even some insurgents for his tactical genius and noble conduct.

Though he technically presides over the entire Keeper fleet, Cain is most at home in the First Armada. This is one of the most desirable posts in military service, and each crewman on every ship of the Armada is hand-picked by Cain himself. From scarred middle-aged veterans to academy freshmen, every one is a unique and skilled individual. Cain is also notorious for selecting personnel for creativity and personality, not just raw performance data, a fact which makes him something of a cultural icon. This fame reached somewhat alarming proportions, but dropped shortly after the airing of the infamous program First Fleet.

The Fleet Admiral graduated from the Keeper Defense Academy in Tradition. Almost nothing is known of his life before then, but the destruction of his home city and more than a century and a half of time has passed since his enlistment. Since then he has risen steadily through the ranks, fully completing a circuit as a navigational warrant officer before returning to a traditional command track. By the time of Tradition’s fall, Cain was a Vice Admiral, needing only a major armed conflict to facilitate his further promotion. Unfortunately, this opportunity came with the destruction of the largest city in Anarc and tens of millions of civilian deaths.

Cain served with distinction in many battles during both the The Death of Tradition and The Fight for Freedom, as well as a number of other critical raids and counterterrorist operations. He has occasionally been called cold, grimly witnessing the destruction of millions of lives without the slightest emotional reaction. That said, none have questioned his ability to make logical, honorable decisions under even the most extreme stress of combat. Although the Fleet Admiral is a master of textbook three-dimensional warfare, he is also renowned for using uncvonventional tactics to turn even ‘impossible’ situations in his favor. Cain is known to protect civilians at almost any cost (within reason), and butted heads with Vice Admiral Marigov several times during the Fight for Freedom. He has been awarded with the Medal of Honor, and is a proud supporter of many artistic and historical restoration programs. The Fleet Admiral has always been open to modernization and reorganization, and is responsible for several experimental military technology programs. He respectfully stays out of politics during elections, and despite clearly growing closer to some candidates than others (he has served through over thirty administrations) refuses to comment or officially endorse any candidate during elections.

Cain helped Iota 4 evacuate the president during a recent terrorist attack, and has showed a generally receptive attitude towards the group of mercenaries, even inviting them to a normally confidential meeting of the Admiralty board.

Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain

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