Belltower Station

Belltower station was one of the most populous free-orbit (not affixed to a pice of geography) space stations in Anarc. While not much larger than a Manta class Carrier at 6,800 feet in length, its girth allowed Belltower to support a population in excess of 16,000 at its height. The station was ringed by dozens of docking arms, cargo bays, and transport elevators to better facilitate its role as a mass trading outpost.

Originally planned in 1097 to be completed by the turn of the century, The Death of Tradition prevented Belltower from being finished until 1103. Originally designed to be a rest stop for ice miners operating in the Sea and drop point for mining expeditions in The Hills, Belltower lost focus with the need to supply the population of Tradition gone. It’s position near the border of the Sea made it a valuable location regardless, and many parties expressed interest in its continued operation. During the pause in its construction, pirates and smugglers used the stations superstructure to hide, store, and transfer all manner of wares. When the station was completed, these dubious ties remained, making Belltower a safe haven for all sorts of enterprising criminals.

Business, legitimate and otherwise, grew right up until The Fight for Freedom. It has been declining steadily ever since, coupled with a slow drop in population. In recent years, the station saw more illegal transactions than level ones, and began trading with enigmatic Thinker emissaries who would occasionally make supply runs to the relatively isolated and uncontrolled station.

It was these connections that led the station’s leadership to declare independence in the face of recent Thinker aggressions. Unfortunately, this declaration called down the wrath of The Keeper Administration, who immediately neutralized any threat the station might represent. Its debris field has been declared a Grade 3 navigation hazard.

Belltower Station

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