An aerospacecraft is quite simply any atmospheric or starborne vessel (though they tend to serve as both in Anarc) that requires aid from a larger vehicle or station to remain operational. This includes everything from tiny unmanned scout ships to heavy bombers hundreds of feet long. Aerospacecraft are valued for their sheer speed, and can mount a payload of weaponry (or cargo) to boot. Those incapable of true flight (the descendents of things like hovercraft and helicopters) are commonly referred to as Skimmers. Skimmers aren’t nearly as common as their airborne brethren, only seen in regular use by private organizations and the forces of the Thinkers.

Dropships used for carrying Synths and other ground vehicles are typically considered aerospacecraft. While they are more than capable of independent functioning, dropships are typically carried onboard larger Starships. Their cousins, Corvettes, replace their cargo space with additional weaponry and support systems. Despite usually using a dropship chasis, these vessels are not considered aerospacecraft.

Aerospacecraft are typically named after birds. While Synths gain entirely new names with each model, aerospacecraft simply use the name to reflect the current model, and then add an R (for Revision) to denote how recent the craft is. For example, the current Keeper dropship is the Eagle R8, a much sleeker vehicle than the cheap but ancient Eagle R3.

The Falcon, Hawk, Kestrel, Osprey, Eagle, Harrier, and Owl make up the Keeper military aerospacecraft force. The Sparrow and Cardinal cater to the civilian market.

The Dreamers employ the Dove class Envoy craft.

So far, two unique Worker aerospacecraft have been encountered, the Buzzard and the Vulture. Both appear to be combat oriented.

The Lovers field no Aerospacecraft of their own.

Thinker Crow and Raven aerospacecraft have been seen on occassion. Both look to be usable for a variety of tasks, including combat. Their Rook class Dropship was first encountered by Iota 4, and showed significant combat prowess despite inherently fragile systems and being the victim of a surprise attack.


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