Veronica Will-Step

An irate hacker, and sort of a bitch.



Strength: 16
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 13
Body: 15
Intelligence: 19
Ego: 11
Presence: 13
Comliness: 18

Speed: 5

Mechanics: -15
Electronics: -16
Computer Programming: -17
Combat Driving: -15
Security Systems: -13


Strength: NA
Dexterity: NA
Defense: NA
Body: NA
Size: 8

Speed: 5

Longbow CSL X11
Two Weapon Fighting


Veronica “Sister” Will-Step was born 25 years ago in Patience, the Dreamer city. Her parents were Dreamers who were unable to raise Veronica and her younger sister, Rayne. At the age of 18, when Rayne was only 13, Veronica left home and set to making a life for the two of them. Taking Rayne with her made it difficult to live life the way Veronica would have and forced her to make many tough decisions and even more sacrafices. A strong love was all that kept Veronica from leaving Rayne at home, but it is now caloused and hidden beneath a cold an acidic personality with spite for all, particularly her sister. Part of their animosity is due to conflicting views on life; while Veronica shares the Worker’s faith and trusts only machines and technology, Rayne relishes in more human actions and holds to the Lover ideology.

Physicaly, Veronica is very atractive. She has pale skin, black hair, and silver eyes. Standing at six feet one inch and weighing in at 160 pounds, her height and muscular physique are as enticing as they are intimidating. Aside from various small scars on her hands from work, she boasts no identifying marks. Her pouty voice can often be heard saying “Well, you can go fuck yourself.”, “This is a terrible idea.”, “What the Hell is wrong with you?”, the terms bitch and tool, as well as various clichéd sarcastic catchphrases.

As said before, Veronica is both very protective and abusive towards her younger sister. Other personality traits (mostly flaws) include becoming almost completely useless without access to technology (specifically Soul and Aura) and becoming irate and deffensive in the presence of men. The latter of these is due to a traumatic experience. While trying to find a place to raise Rayne and call home, Veronica and her sister stayed with a good number of disreputable characters. She lost her virginity to one of them. As a wanna-be Worker, sex never struck her as appealing. That combined with a lack of feelings, trust, and attraction to this man made it as inappealing as possible. She did not want it and she did not enjoy it; it was as close to rape as it could have been without her actually saying no. From then on, Veronica developed a hatred of all men and now, whenever in their company, she becomes even more of a bitch than usual.

The closest thing Veronica has to a friend or lover is her Aura, Drake. Drake is a bit of a risk taker who likes to Challenge Veronica’s piolting and fighting skill but doesn’t wish her any ill. At times, he can be more sarcastic than helpful, but only when he is authentically of no use. He currently inhabits an Elk class synth but Veronica desires to one day put him in a quadropedal transynth, which she believes to be his “true form”. Veronica continues to program Drake’s personality and increase his ability to the point of being almost a Demon. While this is against the law and very dangerous, she feels she must make Drake as demonic as possible in order to, again, show his “true form”. Drake’s logo is a three-dimensional hologram of a dragon with a red body, white right wing, and a black left wing. This image is based off of one of Veronica’s earliest memories where she saw a Vraak and a Yaam circiling each other infront of a red sunset. The two-dimensional equivalent of the hologram can be seen painted onto various parts of Drakes body.

Before joining Iota 4, Veronica lived in the Keeper city of Hope, alone. Her time was spent programing, hacking, stealing, fixing, drinking, smoking, checking in on Rayne, Soul Searching, downloading music and scrolling up cinemas. Though she lives in the Keeper’s rule, she desires a place among the Workers. This is evident in almost every part of her life from work to relationships. Regarding work, other than some freelance mechanic and electronics repairs, she was unemployed before joining the Keeper army. The need for money was not her primary motive for becoming a mercenary, however. She joined mostly because Rayne had.

Now, Veronica’s goals are to make some quick cash, finish developing Drake, and keep her sister out of trouble (and the beds of teammates).

So far, her experience as a member of Iota 4 has been as awkward as it has been rewarding. The one member of the group with whom she developed a form of friendship with, Robbie Burns, left for three months and now conflicts with Clint Rooney and Adrian dominate her group interactions. She’s made some money, though, and is beginning to get the hand of (and enjoy) Synth combat.

In addition to a Griffin class Transynth, Veronica has obtained a Thinker Jaguar Synth. Though the weapons were removed by the Keeper military (probably for reverse engineering), she has modified it to use her own essence pod and twin Longbows. It’s as close to perfect as she could imagine and Drake loves it. The relationship between Drake and Veronica however, is taking an interesting turn. The fact that it can now be called a “relationship” is cause enough for alarm but the fact that the two sometimes fight and emotions are involved is simply terrifying. Thanks to some well chosen words and well written code, Drake is becoming more independent and remains under Veronica’s control. Hopefully, that stays true.

Also, Veronica and the rest have spent time working on their own base of operations. The first attempt was a space station made from a small asteroid that the took from pirates. After a practical joke went bad, however, they lost the station and many people lost their lives. The group has since purchased a large Starship which has been fitted with armaments and medical facilities. Aside from being a portable base from which they can launch GRAV’s drop ship, the Isosceles holds Veronica’s living space (the apartment was sold and the proceeds went towards the ship).

Now that Iota has been disbanded and “skittery-world” destroyed, we’ll see what work Veronica and the crew can still find.

Please note that Rayne has since become an amature porn star. No one is less pleased than Veronica. She was also killed and cloned. No one is more horrified than Veronica.

Veronica Will-Step

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