Though Carolina’s personal skills are unknown, she pilots a modified Elephant class Synth (lovingly dubbed ‘Kiki’) with deadly efficiency. It mounts two triple-bundles of Flail rapid machine guns loaded with custom-made Flechette cartridges, weapons which seem capable of annihilating most foes through volume of fire alone. A pair of flamethrowers adorns the Synth’s headpiece, though these are nothing compared to its main weapons, and seem to be more of a stylistic choice than actual weapon.


Carolina is the only known name for a female mercenary Iota 4 ‘rescued’ from a Worker onslaught. However, she seems to have defeated the entire Worker Squadron and the dropship that deployed it on her own, a testament to her considerable skills as a fighter. She claims to have run into the squadron while ‘walking’ across The Valley from her home in the ruins of Tradition, over 3,000 miles away. Whether this is a sign of Carolina’s secrecy, skill, or insanity remains to be seen.

Carolina herself is boistrous, assertive, and fun-loving to the core. She speaks her mind (loudly) at all times and seems almost incapable of cruelty, malice, or deceit. After her ‘rescue’ she offered to lend Iota 4 a hand whenever they needed her, heading back to Tradition after a brief sting in the group’s warehouse to repair Kiki.


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