Why did we save this man?


Ace-Hole’s personal skills are unknown. Often drunk and always talkative, the flirtatious Ace-Hole’s physical attractiveness is lost under layers of mental sleaze.

He pilots a Barracuda R2 Corvette, heavily tweaked and customized for a low speed high maneuverability loadout. It possesses two large missile racks and a defensive flak projector. The model and exact nature of these weapons is unknown, though the missiles seem highly effective at area saturation and felling lightly-armored targets.


Ace-Hole, as he is ‘lovingly’ called by the members of Iota 4, is a pilot the squadron rescued from a Worker ambush. A pirate who claims to steal only from other pirates, and successful ones at that, Ace-Hole seems to have numerous enemies.

Ace-Hole’s Corvette is a miserable affair, and despite being based off what is widely considered the least effective combat vessel of all time he swears on its effectiveness and reliability.

After saving his life, Ace-Hole bade the group to take a targeting beacon with them that would allow him to shadow their attacks and act as a fire support craft in combat. Many still suspect he’ll just use this opportunity to sell their location to the highest bidder, although he has risked his life numerous times on behalf of the group, fleeing only when facing a certain and pointless death.

Literally nothing is known about Ace-Hole’s history and motivations, though he has voiced no objections to attacking any of the group’s targets so far.

Recently, the group aided Ace-Hole with a ‘train job’ near Freedom. Ace-Hole was captured during the chaos, and then re-captured by Keeper forces when the ship he was being held on was counterattacked. His current fate is not known.


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