Rayne Will-Step

I'm sad. And not sure why you care.


Due to the ever changing abilities of rayne I will not list stats at this moment.


Rayne was born in Patience twenty years ago. Her parents were Dreamers who found more draw to living their own lives than caring for her and her older sister of five years; Veronica. When veronica left at the age of 18 Rayne left/went with her. Veronica being an extrovert and harboring anger towards Rayne, perhaps for not being able to adapt to situations and “slowing her life down”, Rayne became further introverted and antisocial. The relationship of the sisters is effective if nothing else. Perhaps another social block between the two sisters is that Rayne leans more towards Lover concepts, while her sister leans heavily towards Worker ideals.

Rayne is 5’ 8” and 120 pounds. Her pale skin is dotted with tattoos of symbols and poems. She keeps her black hair shorter than a foot after her hair was caught in a near fatal milling machine incident.

Rayne in her time by her self studied weaponry taking the concept of Pre-synth snipers and applying them to herself and ultimately to her Stallion class synth: Irene. also building herself a liquid propelled 10mm auto pistol. Rayne earned money for her synth and life by getting jobs for various weapon companies including The Enforcer corporation. She then sought employment in the Keeper military’s mercenary program, which she hoped would distance her from her sister. It failed as Veronica joined.

Though lacking many social skills Rayne hopes to have friends and a lover(s). An almost achievement on the social front of Rayne’s life was when she met a soldier guarding the spire whom she then proceeded to engage in all manner of physical relations with. This happy story like everything else in her life turned out not to be. Her spirit was not turned off and broadcasted the entire session to the members of Iota 4 and the command elements up to the president himself. This is another reason why Rayne hates technology. Rayne has After that matter began To rely more heavily on the Firearms she has purchased do to the occasional shortcomings of her Synth and the distaste for the thinker synths, Which in her mind require far to much AI assistance to operate. Currently she owns the handgun she has had since 19, A suit of power armor allowing her to move safely outside her synth when the need arises. An anti-matterial rifle: 20mm reversed ogive and an assault rifle based off of and old movies she saw which focused on the life of foot soldiers: A select fire .50 calibre assault rifle with an integrated pump action 10 gauge shotgun.

Rayne Will-Step

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