Gerrard Raphael Angelus Venroc

The man with the plan to get us the hell outta here.


Strength|15 Dexterity|11|OCV: 4|DCV: 4 Constitution|12 Body|12 Inteligence|18 Ego|13 Presence|11 Comliness|20

Weapon: Antique Cassian Repeater Pistol

Combat Piloting: 18-, Combat Driving: 15-, Gambling: 13-, Trading: 14-, Bluff: 11-, Conversation: 11-, Bribery: 13-, Mechanics: 13-, Electronics: 13-, Security Systems: 13-,


Gerrard Raphael Angelus Venroc or GRAV was born on February 17th, 1146 AE on the outskirts of the city of Freedom in the system know as Anarc. He was the son of a merchant, Gabriel Venroc, and a 3rd generation pilot, Celina Venroc, and seemed to excel in communication, trading, and of course piloting. His father Gabriel Venroc disappeared when Gerrard was 3, soon after the birth of Gerrards sister Deserea. It is unclear if Gabriel was killed in a business deal gone wrong, or whether or not he was taken by the Thinkers, either way no one has heard from him since.

Unfortunately at the age of 4 his home was hit with a Keeper missile during the Battle for Freedom, his mother Celina and Deserea couldn’t get out in time and were both killed in the blast. This incident of civilian casualties hardened Gerrard, preventing him from ever truly trusting Keepers or their government ever again. The incident also sparked a deep sense of compassion and chivalry in him (often scene as his best quality) to be kind and try to protect those close to him (and to never take the life of someone who hasn’t done anything against him).

After their deaths Gerrard was raised by his Grandparents (mothers side) who looked after him until he was 18 and went off to college. He took piloting classes through high school and college and received some of the highest marks in piloting school history. Graduated Consin Merchant Marine Academy 1168 and immediately set out looking for work. After graduating Gerrard picked up his worst habit and began smoking, hasn’t been able (or willing) to quit since. Due to anti-Keeper tendencies he eventually fell into smuggling and and illegal transport. 5 years later after his latest capture the Keepers made him and offer to join Iota4 of Operation Willful Order and have his record wiped or to be locked up, the choice was easy.

Though still at an uneasy truce with the Keeper military, especially after the little stunt that they pulled in his first mission, Gerrard has to hand it to them for asigning him to a team with so many attractive women, even if he has to endure the extreme patriotism of Clint or the distrust that Adrian shows towards him. After their mission in the shattered city of Tradition, Gerrard hopes to gleam some insight into the past and maybe even into the start of the Keeper government from the antique data crystal found in the cities monument.

Gerrard Raphael Angelus Venroc

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