Corporate Disinterest

Oh Son of A...

Accepting a routine security assignment for an Enforcer Defense Corporation convoy, a few members of Iota 4 embarked on the long journey to The Hills. They were not pleased to discover themselves victims of an attempt to kidnap their comrade Adrian Reicher for ransom.

After discovering the entire escort compliment and cargo vessel itself to be in on the plot, the squadron accepted their fate (for the time being) and surrendered without confrontation. It appeared the criminals were interested only in the money their hostage would bring them, and had no murderous intentions. Still, the Slaver nature of their captors alarmed the squadron, and an escape plan was set in motion. With deft electronics work, a staged murder attempt, and some help from an old friend, Iota 4 found themselves lightly armed and armored in a hive of hostile forces.

Fighting outside of their Synths for the first time, the group overtook the first pair of guards and used their weapons to raid a security checkpoint and the armory within. Now equipped with an arsenal of small arms and explosives, the escapees fought their way towards a communication center, jamming doors behind them and gunning down everything that stood in their path without suffering any significant injuries themselves. After barricading every entrance, a distress signal was sent out, and Iota 4 held on for as long as possible, Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain and his armada following the transmission to their position.

Breaching charges sent shrapnel flying into the defenders. Gerrard fired wildly into their enemies as a power-armored beheomoth closed in from behind. Rayne used her own heavy armor to muscle past their assailants and absorb the munitions destined for her friends’ flesh. Adrian tore away at the installation’s systems, using every pipeline and electric cable to distract and destroy the Slaver forces. Somehow, the vastly outnumbered and outgunned squadron managed to repel the attack and fight their way to the docking bay.

With a swarm of enemy Aerospacecraft and Corvettes closing in on their own damaged dropship, Iota 4 fled the scene just as the first armada arrived, Cain’s own Orca class cruiser erasing the pursuers with a single volley of its main weapons. As the group was brought aboard to rendezvous with the rest of their wing, dozens of pirate and slaver vessels swarmed toward the station as Keeper forces established a perimeter, both preparing for the siege to come.



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