Stormy Seas

Redefining 'Success'

After gathering a bit more intelligence on the exact mission and loadout of a hijacked Dragonfish class Ice Miner, Iota 4 headed out into The Sea to reclaim the stolen ship as it stopped for repairs. After an awkward rendezvous with Admiral Tobias Hessen and the 7th Armada, the group headed into combat, trailed by strange energy signatures.

It would appear the mercenaries hired to guard the Dragonfish had done the exact opposite, and the group was immediately engaged by a squadron of new-model Falcon aerospace interceptors, expensive craft for terrorists. After deploying his own squadron of Synths, Gerrard Venroc proceeded to unleash a sustained missile barrage on the enemy craft, only to be boarded in turn by a squadron of gunships.

While a desperate gunfight perforated the halls of their dropship, the operators of Iota 4 efficiently dissassembled enemy resistance on the surface of the comet below. A number of modified construction synths escort by survey drones turned kamikaze warheads were quickly dispatched, though one managed to single-handedly sunder Clint’s vehicle after he decided to crush an ejected enemy underneath his Stallion’s steel foot. The merc-controlled assault tank at the heart of the enemy ground forces also proved a bit of an issue, though sustained fire from the group eventually reduced it to slag.

In the skies above, The Dragonfish began to flee the scene while Rayne used her inverted position on the asteroid above to help neutralize terrorist air forces, and prevent the other gunships from latching on to Gerrard’s ship. Rayne was also critical in marking the Dragonfish’s drive shaft so that it could be targetted by Venroc’s main weapon, severing the entire engine cluster in a burst of brilliant light. While Gerrard used his dropship as a weapon to send the intruders tumbling around within, the Dragonfish turned its attention to the members of Iota 4 below.

A blast from the massive Ice Miner’s Mass Driver sent the comet on which the majority of the squadron was situated hurtling towards the barrier between Anarc and The Deep, promising a slow and freezing death. Blissfully, a group of Knifefish and Seadevil class stealthships chose this time to uncloak and take charge of the situation.

The fleeing terrorist forces were either destroyed or willingly hurtled themselves into The Deep, showing a grim determination to succeed or perish. Gerrard, on the brink of death, continued to hold the boarders away from the cockpit, while Lenne re-entered the dropship’s cargo bay. A few shots from her Synth’s weapon systems incinerated the remaining intruders, the few that survived quickly turning their weapons on themselves rather than surrender. Gerrard managed to stay conscious long enough to rescue the rest of Iota 4 from the plummeting comet before they were lost to The Deep.

Gerrard was unamused by the Keeper stealthships’ refusal to provide support earlier in the battle, or the explanation that the government had desired to test both the squadron’s mettle and their own cloaking technology in a single operation. After his mangled body (and dropship, for that matter) were returned to the safety of the Spire by Desai’s ship, he was promptly given medical attention (including a regrown lung) at the Administration’s expense.

The rest of the group took the opportunity to repair their equipment and Gerrard’s ship before their next assignment. Despite incredible damage to the Dragonfish, the continued lack of information as to the identity or intention of the terrorists, and severe damage to their own vehicles, Iota 4’s first official assignment was deemed a success.



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