A Learning Experience

Living the Nightlife

Rather than plunge immediately into their first mission as a squadron, some of the members of Iota 4 elected to journey out towards The Sea. They hoped to not only gain information on the task ahead of them, but also have an opportunity for live combat experience as a squadron without the government depending on their success. The group managed to gather some information on their quarry by speaking to the Captain of a Seahorse class ice miner deployed by the Lebedev Water Company.

On their return trip Iota 4 stopped to investigate an ancient ruin on the outer surface of The Valley, but was driven away by the arrival of a large Worker attack force seemingly hdeaded towards Excess. After heading in the opposite direction, the squadron was ambushed by a group of mercenaries apparently hired to protect Worker territory. Despite getting the jump on the group with a series of EM weapons, Iota 4 successfully destroyed the majority of hostile forces, taking down an entire squadron of Aerospacecraft and a mixed group of Synths and Runners, some of which fled as the tables turned against them. Iota 4 suffered minimal damage.

Iota 4 took on a trio of prisoners, and mercifully agreed to release them without compensation. When attempting to drop them in Freedom as the captives had requested, the squadron found the city blockaded due to rising terrorist activity. They were released in the underbelly of Hope instead.



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