Tragedy and Triumph

It Begins!

Like thousands of other members of Operation Willful Order, the party convened during one of the largest gatherings of military personnel in Anarc’s history. Every year, the President and several members of the Admiralty present speeches and vital information to a huge assembly of soldiers, including the entirety of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armadas. This year’s presentation was unique in that it both officially launched the Keeper’s ambitious private contracting operation but also saw the comissioning of the KCS Leviathan, the largest spacecraft ever built by human hands, to its new commander, Rear Admiral James Falkland.

Within seconds of the comission, the entire Spire shook under the force of multiple explosive impacts. It appeared missiles had been launched from concealed bays on an odd group of Construction Synths the party had noticed earlier, but failed to mention to security. But they were the least of the Assembly’s problems. One Shark class Destroyer broke formation and began to launch an attack on the neighboring craft. In a suprise move, Fleet Admiral Nicholas Cain conscripted the party, standing near the front of the crowd, to help evacuate the President.

As an air battle broke out around the Spire between Keeper forces and apparent traitors, Gerrard Venroc piloted the President and his escort, Lieutenant Commander Desai to safety, with the Fleet Admiral piloting a commandeered Mercenary dropship to distract potential foes. The rogue Shark was destroyed by loyalist forces, with the remaining terrorist craft being sept away without difficulty.

The party rendevoused with the Fleet Admiral, Rear Admiral Falkland, and other military personnel at the edge of the city, where the President informed them they would all be awarded the Medal of Justice, the highest civilian award, for their efforts. The group was also told they had put themselves in the spotlight, and that their undersized squad, Contractor Security Squadron Iota 4 may be repurposed to take on more important missions should they prove themselves in combat. Despite the safety of all critical personnel and minimal damage to the spire, it is estimated that over 3,000 citizens, loyalist and otherwise, lost their lives in the incident.



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